Lupus Nails

Here is a picture of my nails before I got really sick.

lupus nails before

Here is a picture of them now.

My nails are really annoyingly gross.  They used to be so lovely and nice before lupus ravaged them.  It is a common symptom in lupus to have some nail involvement.

Nail changes occur in 10 percent of people and include curling, cracking and nail loss. Fingernails may be pitted or ridged, with small red lines known as splinter hemorrhages underneath them.

I have a suspicion that Raynaud’s Disease doesn’t really help much when it comes to my nails.  The lack of proper blood flow to my hands probably does a lot to damage my nails.  I am slowly working back towards a healthier hand, but it is taking time and patience.  I feel embarrassed for people to look at my hands and probably think that I am an anxious nail biter.  Alas, it is all part of the fun of lupus.

Have you had nail changes with your lupus?  I’d love to hear about it or some tips on how you manage to keep pretty hands through this ugly disease.