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March 2012

Another day, another doctor

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Went up to the Urology department today to find out what is going on with my urination problem.  Had a quick checkover and then tests ordered for a bladder scan in a month.  Guess I’ll have to wait and see what the outcome of that is.  Sigh.  Neverending tests and waiting.

Weekend Update

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Not much to report for the weekend.  Had a bit of a bout with some bad Indian food and also have been dealing with my sinuses.  Other than that it was dandy.  Spent the weekend curled up watching Home and Garden TV. Also went to see The Secret World of Arriety.  It was cute, if not a bit slow.  The weather here has been really rainy which means a lot of indoor time.

This week I have appointments to see the Opthamologist about my vision issues and also got in with the Urologist.  Yay.  Finally getting fixed – hopefully – slowly but surely.

It is not MS

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OK.  It is Lupus.

But it isn’t MS.  Thankfully.

I spent Monday at UCSF getting poked and prodded with the Neurology department.  My Rheumy was worried that some of my symptoms were signs of MS, so they set me up with an emergency appointment.  I had a lot of vision tests and some other physical tests including a bladder ultrasound.  At the end of it all the neurologist deemed me normal and MS free.  Yay!  So back to the drawing board, but at least one thing is checked off the list.

Rheumy Update

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I am back from my trip to Spain and managed to make it relatively unscathed.  Had a few issues while I was gone, but managed with the thanks of colon hydrotherapy to get them sorted out.  Thanks to Studio Australia who were awesome and helpful on that issue.

Went to the rhuemy yesterday after having an entire day of the worst migraine on the planet.  Told doctor about the myriad of issues that I have been facing including the pee issue and the vision.  He said that I am “an interesting case” whatever that means.  He did mention that it was good that both my eyes started going blurry at the same time instead of one and something about MS.  Great.  I decided to ignore that mention and not google too much about MS.

Had the usual ton of blood and urine tests.  Still need to schedule my lung function tests and an echo.  Same same.

I am supposed to call the rhuemy back on Monday to find out if I should go and see a neurologist for some of the confusion and other symptoms I have been having.  We’ll see what he recommends then.

Other than that, I have adjusted back to this timezone and apart from the typical annoyances things seem pretty good.