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Waking up at night

By 2012-02-13Uncategorized

I am feeling pretty good these days.  My energy levels are way up compared to where I was at a month ago.  I can go through the entire day without a nap – although I probably shouldn’t.  I have been passing out at night around 10pm or so and mostly sleeping through the night.  I have been having this annoying thing where I fall asleep for about 4 hours, but then I wake up and having a lot of trouble falling asleep again.  I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he said it is because the first 4 hours of sleep is for your body and the last 4 hours of sleep is supposed to be for your mind.  If you are stressed then you will wake up.  Not sure if this is really the case, but still would explain why I get up and start thinking.

I read up a little more on sleep cycles here: http://helpguide.org/life/sleeping.htm

I need to figure out the best way to put my mind at ease when I wake up.  When I am by myself I listen to Meditainment soundtracks.  I find that the soothing voice and soundscapes distracts me from my thoughts and I fall right back to sleep. Unfortunately, I don’t want to disturb Mr with my noise, so I don’t listen to them in bed.  Putting headphones on is really uncomfortable and hurts my ears after a few minutes.  So I went looking for sleeping headphones and, of course, there were some on Amazon that looked pretty reasonable and comfortable.  I ordered some and await being able to try them out.  I’m sure that it will look pretty weird with my eye mask and this other thing around my ears.  I’m wondering if I can just use the fleece heaphones to cover my eyes and then all issues might be solved!

Sleep Phones from Amazon – $39.99