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Miralax update

By 2012-02-25Uncategorized

Four days in, one bottle of Miralax consumed.  Results – not so much…

I started out on Monday taking 2 doses of the Miralax.  One in the morning and one in the evening.  I have to admit that I was a bit frightened because other laxatives have a pretty powerful effect on my system.  They usually cause cramping and an urgency to get to the toilet – FAST.  So when taking the Miralax, I was pretty convinced that it would be the same old story.  According to the bottle, Miralax should not cause bloating, gas or any of these other issues, but I feel like all of them say that.  They also say “gentle, predictable relief”.  Yeah, if by predictable you mean that you might explode from 2-12 hours later whilst in the middle of a shopping mall, then sure.

Day 1 – Nothing

Day 2 – Nothing.  Drank tons of water.

Day 3 – Nothing.  Doc said to “double down” on the dosage.  Up’d to 4 doses.

Day 4 – Some gurgling in my gut.

So I sit here waiting.  In the meantime, I have discovered that people are far weirder than I am and actually make youtube videos about Miralax.  I am totally confused by this.