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MiraLAX – miracle?

By 2012-02-21Uncategorized

My ongoing poop and pee issues continue with no relief.  I tried for the appointment at the urologist, but had to cancel due to work issues.  Was unable to reschedule.  We finally gave up and called Mr’s brother-in-law who also happens to be an ER doc to talk about it.  He suggested that the urine retention issue was due to constipation.  I explained that I had taken a few laxatives because I also believed this to be the case and he asked me which kind.  I told him Ducolax.  He suggested that I try MiraLAX which won’t harm the body and also doesn’t require your body to metabolise it like the Ducolax so it is much safer to use and you can continue using it daily.

From what I have read online, people are really pleased with the results and a lot of folks take it every day.  This seems extreme, but at this point I am willing to try anything out.

According to the MiraLAX website, it relieves constipation by bringing water into the bowels to help the digestive system naturally cause a bowel movement. This water also softens the stool, making it easier to pass.  This also means that you can get dehydrated and need to drink plenty of water.  Thankfully, I always drink plenty of water despite it being such a pain to urinate.

So I bought some and took it.  And am waiting.  He suggested taking it for 2 weeks and seeing how things “go”.
Here is to wishing me luck!
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