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Day 2 – Travelling

By 2012-02-29Uncategorized

On day 2 now and feeling pretty decent for a change.  Still haven’t pooped, but I did bring a giant jar of Miralax with me and am doing my best to keep on with it.  The weather is nice and sunny with a bit of a chilly wind.  I am being sure to put on lots of sun protection.

I am also doing my best to get a lot of rest.  I woke up early yesterday and sat around the hotel room until noon.  Then went into town for some shopping and lunch with friends.  Afterwards, I came back and took a 30 minute disco nap before having my massage.  The massage was not very great.  Amateur masseuse with strange technique.  That is always a huge disappointment.

Ended up ditching my friends for dinner because Mr was so tired after his long day working.  We opted to order some gross room service and a bottle of wine instead.  Fell asleep pretty early, but then woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I eventually took an Ambien and read some before passing out again.

Woke up, or should I say, was woken up this morning at 7am when Mr was getting ready to go.   Couldn’t go back to sleep.  I went down and had breakfast from the buffet including 3 chocolate mini-donuts (ugh, why did I do that?), drank a few espressos and now am back in the room to plan the day.

Thusfar, feeling good.  No longer achy.  Only problem is the lack of poop…