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Bladder Infection?!?

By 2012-01-31Uncategorized


I know that I was feeling good yesterday, so I guess this is a sign that other things that have been off are not that severe.  In addition to my blurry vision, I have been experiencing something quite odd.  The inability to pee without super super straining.  Like crazy straining.  Where I feel like my brain might pop kind of straining.  I am usually the world’s fastest pee’er.  I run in and out of a bathroom in about 10 seconds flat.   I pride myself on the fact that I am not one of those chicks that sit in the bathroom forever when they have to go.

Until now.

For the past week or so, I’ve been sitting there.  And sitting there.  And sitting there.  And pushing.  And then, finally, a trickle.  And more straining.  Ugh.  It really is quite frustrating.

I drink plenty of water.  I always carry around a water bottle wherever I go, so it isn’t a matter of not flushing out my system.  So, what is it?

After my optometrist appointment yesterday, I headed off to yet another doctor appointment.  The regular old GP.  She asked me for a urine sample.  Yeah, right, I think I mentioned that I can’t pee?!?  I ended up sitting in the office for 2 hours slamming water and reading Eat, Pray, Love while praying for pee.  I finally got the sample out and left with her assurances that she would test it and then call me with the results.  She wanted to either confirm or rule out a bladder infection before sending me onward to a Urologist.

She rang last night and confirmed that it is in fact a bladder infection.  Weird thing is that it feels nothing like any other bladder infection that I have had.  You know, that irritating frequency to pee all the time.  But she gave me a prescription (of course) for a course of sulfa for 3 days.  Here is to hoping that works!